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Do you love your scoby? You better.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Jun Masters Unite

Those of you hipsters who not only brew Kombucha, but brew a very specific type of Kombucha, this thread is for you

Carbonation Station

Kombucha brewing is a science . It takes experimentation, trial by error, and a whole lot of patience. We’re in this together.

The Scoby Exchange

Donate your Extra SCOBY to a community member. This is a place to connect with new kombucha brewers and help them get started. Your mothers so fat, she gets split up and sent to people around the world.

The Scoby Hotel

Welcome to the Hotel Scoby Hang out and chat about all things Kombucha.

How to use Brewch Flavorings

Bring on your questions! Let’s talk about Brewch.
Here’s a few to start us off:

Commercial Brewers Hub

This category is inspired by the lovely people at NessAlla Kombucha in Madison, Wisconsin who asked if the Brewch forum would be a place for the Kombucha Pros to hang out and chat because according to a founder, “that’s what I’m missing in my life.”