A 100% Effective Mold Solution for Kombucha


Yes, we have solved the mold problem. Patents filed. Pre-production underway!

For the last couple years, we have been doing R&D to develop new flavorings for kombucha, and to make tea blends that create strong SCOBYs and good flavor profiles. In that research, we needed to make a lot of small batches of kombucha. Like anyone doing DIY Kombucha, we occasionally suffered from mold.

That is when I started to work on new methods for brewing kombucha that would prevent mold. See, unlike beer brewing and other anearobic brewing that lock out all the contaminates we need airflow. But how do you get healthy airflow without allowing fruitflies, mold spores, and other contaminates from getting into your Kombucha?

Well, it turns out that a fairly simple solution was possible, and I started fabricating them and using them with all of our test batches. The result- No mold, no flies, no spoiled batches. Too much komucha, now I am almost swimming in the stuff.

Here is the Who, What, Where, When, Why:
Who: Brewch Kombucha R&D Lab
Code name: Kombucha Bonnet
Location: Near Seattle Washington
When: Patent Pending, product coming soon…
Why: To banish “is this mold” SCOBY threads once and for all.

This summer we will be producing our prototype into a version 1 of the Kombucha Bonnet. A superior Brewing vessel cap that allows you to consistently brew the best kombucha in a safe space from pathogens and contaminants. Please send a note to skye at brewch (email) or reply on this thread if you are interested in being a pre-launch product reviewer!