Brewing Vessel Toppers


What have people found is the best cloth to cover their kombucha with?

I’ve heard that certain more gauze like cloths can be bad because the holes in them are big enough for fruit flies to get through. And nobody wants fruit flies in their Kombucha :nauseated_face:

Is there a cloth that would be too thick?

I want to make sure I’m keeping bacteria out as well.


I use a kitchen towel and a rubber band :wink:


seems like you’re in good company :smirk:

If that’s not a kitchen towel I need new glasses. Or just glasses. :nerd_face:


I want my wife to look at me the way he’s looking at that 'booch, haha!


Now that’s meme worthy. :rofl:


Also, looks like GT likes 'em husky! Lol That’s a biggun