Do you ever consider adding new flavors?


All the time. We love suggestions, so if you want to see a flavor we don’t already have, holler at us.


In the works Flavors for Kombucha: Magnolia, a lime margarita, and plum sangria. Of course all organic flavors for kombucha made into fabulous liquid potions. Send us a note if you are interested in testing the first release.


A mojito option would be interesting. Like a lime mint? Peach would be another popular option with the community seeing as a lot of people add peach puree and the like to their booch.


Peach. Done… Let me look into the Mojito. That would also be excellent.


Another interesting take on flavoring would be having a line of flavorings for Jun ferments - subtler flavors that pair well with honey and/or green tea. I don’t know why but initial thoughts are: rose, lavender, hibiscus, etc.


Those sound delightful. And you’re right, different flavors would work well in Jun. Lavender lemonade is one we’re considering. One of my favorite commercial Jun flavors is lavender. Hibiscus and rose are two others we’ve considered too. I feel like people would even enjoy them in Kombucha, because they’re flavors that would be harder to get out of spices.


I have been testing a magnolia extract that would also make an excellent flavor for jun. It has a floral, and green note that are very subtle and clear. If anyone is interested in being added to our list of flavor testers to give feedback and reveiws on new flavors in development, send me a PM!