Favorite pellicle recipes!


We’ve all got one… that jelly-like blob that’s in your tea doing what it does to make the drink we love! But, what exactly do we do with it once it’s reached its prime?

Do you chuck it? Eat it? Transform it?

What do you do with your leftover pellice after you take it out of your 'booch? What are your favorite recipes or transformation techniques (i.e. dehydration, cooking, etc)?


How about making clothes and jewelry from your scoby?!!

Just came across a women who does…


I’d heard of stuff like this before, but it seemed like more of an extreme fad or something people didn’t take too seriously. However this woman has an etsy shop and went to Paris Fashion Week :scream:


That is so far fetched lol


Fellow Kombucha Brewer Liz makes jello with her leftover Kombucha pellicle. Great vid here!


Isn’t she great? Was talking to her earlier on Reddit


LOL so was I. She’s awesome. We’re trying to send some Brewch flavors her way.