Healthy Scoby Available


We have several truly magical products in development for DIY Kombucha at Brewch… And, because we are always testing new flavors, designing new brewing vessels and accessories and generally brewchin it up, we have a lot of Orphan SCOBY available for foster adoption. Enough that we want to help out the community and offer a placement service for adoption, like as a hook up to our friends that need a new mother. Need a scoby, take a scoby. Have a scoby, Share a scoby. Send us a private message note here on the Scoby Exchange at the Brewch Forum.

Use this thread to drop a note and we will contact you for scoby exchange adoption services… Healthy Scoby sent, no charge.


I’ve been looking for a Jun SCOBY to no avail. Any available?


I love Jun, but have not been personally brewing any. Will ask around…


I am currently looking for a Scoby. Do you have any available?


Hey, just found a friend who Brews Jun. Will see if she’d be willing to send a culture your way :smile:


Sure! Thanks! I appreciate that