Just Some Basics about Jun


If you’re interested in taking a new direction with your Kombucha, Jun is a great way to branch out.

What the heck is Jun?
Its Kombucha made from (usually) Green Tea, and Honey.

Do you need a different scoby for Jun?
**Psst. if anyone has a Jun culture holler at me, cause we got people who want them.

I’m including a link to an article about Jun with more specific directions and brewing tips.

Highlight of the article, Jun is

“referred to as the ‘champagne of kombuchas.’ Now that’s saying something!”


In this video she uses a normal green tea + Kombucha Scoby I think


Here is a picture of my current Jun batch… It definitely is the Champagne of Kombucha. I do about 10g tea per gallon, 125g of honey per gallon (100ml) which turns into plenty of strong starter in the next batch. Can definitely tone down the honey for a lighter sipping recipe.


What kind of honey have you been using?


I have been using the Costco Honeys which include a nice, dark local honey (darkness comes from Japanese Knot weed in the PNW). I use a conversion of about 100ml honey per gallon or 145g.

Honey volume weight chart:
Honey Cup Gram Ounce Pound
cup US 1 340g 12 oz 0.75 lb
ounce 0.08 28g 1 oz 0.06 lb
fluid ounce 0.1 42.5g 1.5 oz 0.09 lb
pound 1.33 453.6g 16 oz 1 lb
kilogram 2.94 1000g 35.3 oz 2.2 lb
tablespoon 0.06 21g 0.75 oz 0.05 lb
teaspoon 0.02 7.1g 0.25 oz 0.015 lb

Here is a nice honey weight conversion tool


I’ve heard that eating local honey can help you avoid getting seasonal allergies, so I’m definitely interested in that Local Hive Washington honey. Will be needing that extra protection with spring on its way :mask::bouquet::cherry_blossom::sunflower:


That’s interesting about the allergies! Also, aren’t the pellicles from Jun the weirdest? Lol


LOL yesss, they definitely look different than Kombucha brewed with black tea and sugar