Kombucha Love Stories


What’s yours?

For some of us, it was love at first sip, for others…perhaps it took a bit longer to come around. Whatever it is, I want to hear it. I’ve started by adding mine for inspiration.


I hated Kombucha. The vinegary beverage made me want to gag and the thought of accidentally slurping down a Scoby…yeah.

So when my cousin Bren told me about his dream for a Kombucha flavoring business I was skeptical.

However, I needed a job and I loved spending time with my cousin.

For a while I felt like a bit of a fraud. I was talking with people all day long about Kombucha, its tastiness, and benefits for your health, when I couldn’t stand the stuff myself.

Eventually I could avoid it no longer. Tasting our Kombucha was necessary if I was going to be in the business. So, what happened next?

Are you on the edge of your seat…

I closed my eyes, considered plugging my nose (but refrained) and was pleasantly surprised.

I wouldn’t say it was love at first sip, but like any faithful half-a-century-long marriage, my love grew with time. And now I am proud to announce that I am a Kombucha lover.

So what changed? Well my heart obviously, but more seriously the flavor. When I was a self proclaimed boocha hater it was mostly because I couldn’t find any flavors I liked. When I tried Kombucha again (and sparks began to fly) it was because of one of the Brewch flavors, Pearesto. It was light and subtly sweet, but sooooo refreshing.