What is brewch made out of anyways?


All the ingredients (flavor “compounds”) are known as FEMA GRAS. They are food grade ingredients/extracts that the FDA recognizes as a trade secret. They are all regulated for food. They are organic compliant, which means that we can have them certified because they are extracts and essential oils from organic sources.


Brewch flavors are more concentrated than flavor syrups you have seen in places like a coffee stand. The reason is that Brewch Kombucha Flavoring is designed to pack all of the natural flavor essenses into a small volume so that you don’t have to introduce unwanted sugars and solvents into your kombucha. By concentrating the natural flavoring compounds, you can flavor your kombucha without having to purchase lots of fresh fruit and juices that may have preservatives or pesticides on them. Using organic flavorings for your F2 also means that you can get flavoring notes that are simply not available out of season. When they are extracted and concentrated into the Brewch Flavoring potion, they have over a year of shelf life, and will always be ready to deliver fresh flavoring notes to your booch.