What is the best honey to use for Jun Kombucha?


Do any Jun Brewers out there have specific brands/types of honey that they like to use for Brewing Jun?


Anything local and delicious. Beware super cheap “honey”


Here’s some suggestions for the top 11 Raw honey brands to use for 2018. I can’t confirm that any of these will be good for Jun, but I do like the fact that they are all raw. In general though, I’ve heard that it is best to use honey made from bees in the area you live. This helps ward off allergies, etc.


I talked to a food investigator who contracts for the FDA and he said up to 80% of honey is fake…almost unbelievable. I was told to look for hazy flecks of wax. The ‘impurity’ is a good sign, kind of like a diamond. Can’t fake the flaws in the real thing.


Just reading an article which says that honey which is mainly fructose remains clear and runny, honey which is more glucose is thicker in nature.

I wonder whether a Jun scoby responds better to glucose or fructose?


I recently used some comb honey and, despite some particulates that I was able to filter through a coffee filter, It turned out great. From what you’ve said I would say the honey was majority glucose and, upon first taste, I’m not sure if it was the way that it fermented, or if it was the tea I used, but it was slightly astringent (you’ll get that from green teas I suppose) and very clean. The nose was funkier than with regular kombucha though which was interesting!


“Astringent” I hadn’t heard that word in a while so I had to double check the meaning. :rofl:
It’s interesting that the green tea had a more acidic taste to you. From what I have heard I would expect a lighter, sweeter taste.


Not so much acidic as dry like a wine! Regular kombucha is way more acidic… like vinegar (meme Monday) :wink:


Ooooo. I like the sound of dry.