Will Brewch impact the development of carbonation in my F2?


Though Brewch is sugar-free it will not inhibit carbonation development in F2. Our flavors actually encourage the growth of scoby in F1. However these flavors might not produce as much carbonation as you are used to getting through adding fruit or jam to your F2. If you find that you aren’t getting the carbonation that you would you can troubleshoot.

  1. Add Sugar: You can add a bit of sugar to each of your bottles during F2.
  2. The Shortened F1 Method: Many commercial brewers make “plain ole Kombucha” and sell it in grocery stores. These brews are far from flat and unfizzy, so how do they do it? If you stop you’re F1 earlier than normal (a couple of days) there will be residual sugar that your scoby hasn’t eaten yet. When you bottle this sweeter booch, the leftover sugar will help carbonation develop during F2.


Some flavors can increase the amount of fizz you get, but you need to leave behind some sugars for the yeast when you bottle after your primary fermentation. The yeast will convert some of the sugar left behind into CO2 and traces of alcohol. Some of the alcohol will be eaten by the SOBY left behind in the bottle. Just be carefull not to add too much sugar in case the pressure develops above what the bottle can take. I have exploded a bottle with a twist cap because the pressure rose too high!


moral of the story, never, ever F2 with a twist cap bottle