You can train a kombucha SCOBY to be a Jun SCOBY


I converted a Kombucha SCOBY over to a Jun SCOBY over a month of brewing. It’s pretty neat and my brews are great!


Oh my word! Tell me more. I was literally just talking to a brewing friend about that.

What did your process look like?


Yeah I am also interested! Do tell :slight_smile:


Basically it’s the same as kombucha. Just every week you replace 1/4 cup of the sugar with honey. You are training it. I would say stretch it out a bit longer if you are in a cold winter area.

1st week 3/4 c sugar 1/4 C honey
2nd week 1/2. 1/2
3rd week 1/4 Sugar 3/4 honey
4th week all honey.

I’ve even just started using 3/4 C honey for all my gallon batches. They have been great!


Ohh cool, so it is kinda like weaning a baby? :baby_bottle::laughing:
With the 3/4 of honey in the gallon batches do you do the last 1/4 as sugar?


Not once it’s totally converted. Still trying to figure out a nice balance with the honey. Seems pretty sweet still and I’d like to try and dry it out a bit.